Penelope Toomey

Born in Kežmarok, Slovakia, she is currently based in Poprad, north Slovakia.

Penelope studied at the Dominik Tatarka Grammar School (gymnázium) in Poprad, and graduated from English Linguistics and Literature at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Slovakia. As part of her studies she spent a semester at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom, where she was enrolled in a teachers’ trainee course.

Before moving out to Bristol (UK) , in 2011, she had worked as an English teacher at the Slovak-German bilingual grammar school in Poprad. Penelope is currently teaching English, the facts on the English-speaking countries and skills in the English language at a private secondary grammar school in her hometown.

Some of her English poems were published in the poetry anthologies issued by the International Library of Poetry (publications entitled Nature’s Echo, 2001; Under a Quicksilver Moon, 2002).

Some of her both English and Slovak poems were published in an outline of Slovak and world literature (Sprievodca dielami slovenskej a svetovej literatúry, výber C, Enigma 2000).

There was also a collection of poems by a Slovak poet, Milan Kováč, translated to English by Penelope Toomey (Music Through Words II, 2000). Another Kováč’s collection of poems, entitled Korama, was translated by her and published in March 2004.

Her first collection of poems entitled “From The Cave Of My Nick” was published in April 2003.

Penelope Toomey featured in the second issue of the literary journal Absinthe – New European Writing (published in the USA) in the summer 2004. This way she drew attention of the organizers of the Prague Poetry Festival where she participated in May 2004. In October 2004 her poetry (featuring Slovak poems only) went out in form of a two-part book which she shared with another Slovak author, Lucia Balagova, called Obrazy/Básne, ktorými ktosi píše o mne.

In the early spring 2005 the Czech literary journal Prague Literary Review published her translation of short philosophical texts by Robo Gal (Prague-based philosopher) titled Naked Thought.

In the last weekend of May 2005 Penelope together with the owners of a Poprad cafe called Groteska organized a reading followed by a live concert featuring Phil Shoenfelt, the Prague-based English writer and musician, where some extracts from his novel Junkie Love were read out both from the original and the Czech version of the book.

Penelope Toomey took part in the ARS POETICA festival in Bratislava in November 2005.

Her poems were included in the Mám talent edition of anthology by Ikar (the Slovak biggest commercial publishing house) in 2011 called Sólo pre 9 hlasov.

She used to publish and present all her poetry under the pseudonym Penelope Toomey only. She now uses her real name as an author too.

Penelope Toomey is a member of the local literary club.

She started to write in the summer 1999, when animating the long hot days away in one of the resort hotels in Rhodes, the Greek island. She found her prime inspiration in the work of Anthony Burgess, an English postmodern novelist. Her other muse stimulant is music.