Like a violin belongs to a fiddlestick
I belong to you. There are lonesome
tones between us and we might even
quieten down to pianissimo but still we are
one instrument
and He who is playing it
has a heart too.

Time is a score in progress.
There are unexpected tones between us
and even though we never play long enough
my strings cease to sound in forte.
Once we share the case
our longing will no longer be
A note on the dream staff.

/22 September 2006/

split second under dialysis [fail u re]

from a gilded height
from a grave quiet
beads fall down –
dead deeds
immersed in ink words
my intuition bleeds
& the old prostitute will
laughs in fits
saying i shall pay a heavy bill
and the beads fall
against the hollow ball, my ex head
tapping their message
n e a t
am i dead there
or do i just bleed
where it hurts most
the text runs in arid dots
hails of thoughts
the troops of dots
am i their target dead
– there’s no ball my head
or do i just leak
– it feels like being bloody sick
this letting-go
this no!
is leaving
my emogrounds

/21 October 2003/

Plant Diary

I could uncover the petals
of our relationship all the way
into its heart but there would be
no getting back to the flower
any more.

I thought we could prevent
seasonability. I was mistaken.

/24 September 2006/

On the 139th day of our marriage

The future hovers high
above our heads and it’s impossible
to tell if it’s a hawk or a lark,
but all the previous such flocks –
whether deliverers of the long-distance months
or those croaking their divine intervention doubts,
made our heads resistant to what-awaits-us-next migraine.
And it’s OK if soon
your lexicon on me
undergoes an alteration
when gorgeous becomes cute
and cool takes over clever
as long as we still double every laugh
and share what’s tough.

/20 May, 2007/

On Love

Love knows no bias or treachery,
Love eases the pains of misery,
Love`s sometimes hard,
At other times daft.
Love brings your dreams at night.
Love dines on pearls of luck
And drinks from a cup of chance.
Love is the undecipherable
Detectable heroine of all times.